Aadhar Enabled Payment System

The Aadhar enabled Payment System facilitates customers to withdraw money and use other banking facilities such as banking enquiry. It is a safe and secure payment technique provided by NPCL.

  • Customers can withdraw cash without any cards.
  • Convenient and safe way to withdraw cash.
  • Any bank account user can use basic banking services by simply verifying their biometric details and authenticating transactions with their IDs.
  • Customers can withdraw DBT, Government relief funds and money from their Aadhar-linked bank accounts.

Digital Trade Hub is an AEPS provider company agency with a robust platform for Aadhaar charge system, which lets in on-line interoperable financial transactions at PoS (point of Sale). Digital Trade Hub AEPS cash Withdrawal is frequently paired with an Aadhar biometric tool that is used to authenticate the transaction. Aadhar Fingerprint Scanner are maximum typically used to authenticate the biometric information of someone.

With Digital Trade Hub Portal and Aadhar Card cash Withdrawal App permits stores and marketers smooth AEPS login and help clients to withdraw money using biometric verification most effective. With AEPS Portal, you can assist client’s level in mini statement services with AEPS stability enquiry provider.

Shopkeepers can convert their stores into Aadhar ATM & help their customers with primary banking and economic services inside the neighborhood. Use the cash at your shop offer cash withdrawal services for your purchaser. With Digital Trade Hub's easy AEPS registration, agents can start their enterprise and earn the highest AEPS commissions and get assured on the spot AEPS settlement in Digital Trade Hub wallet. The quantity withdrawn along with commission is instantly transferred to the pockets.

AEPS most effective lets in transactions from Aadhar related financial institution accounts within the presence of the bank account holder after verification. As a result, it's far a safe and easy gadget to withdraw cash.

Advantages to clients:

  • Withdrawal of cash from Aadhar linked accounts.
  • Smooth and secure approach
  • Enables the unbanked and under banked sections to get entry to basic banking centers
  • Can avail Balance enquiry and mini statement
  • Interoperable across multiple banks
  • Can add up to 15 Banking accounts.
  • Amount is right away transferred to bank account.

Facilities supplied through AEPS Transaction:

  • cash Withdrawal
  • balance Enquiry
  • Mini statement
The way to withdraw money Aadhar Card?
  • Visit the AEPS segment, and pick provider out of the choices available.
  • Fill in the required fields with information of the Aadhaar linked bank account and account holder details.
  • Click on ‘capture Fingerprint’ to authenticate the transaction.
  • Use a biometric tool to capture the biometric info and click on ‘Submit’

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